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The New Generation System
for Otorhinolaryngology
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New generation CT for ENT

Volux 9 is designated and customized CT for ENT Use
and it has Neck, Sinus, and Temporal bone mode.
We place emphasis on accurate diagnosis based on the modes. It offers higher image quality by the latest technology of cone beam type and I.I (Image Intensifier).
And Volux9 considers patient’s safety with lower radiation exposure.

Surpassing Image Quality

I.I(Image Intensifier) type has already been proven in the field offers maximum FOV(150x150) And high resolution image of same area can be available though Zoom FOV(100x100).

6-way Seat Control

Our comfortable chair with 6-way power control will make it easy to get accurate scan

Perfect Neck Mode

Snoring; Accumulate diagnosis available at one scan

Operation Pannel

Easy and Comfortable
Touch screen operation panel and friendly icons makes it easy !
User interface a write it only

Lower Radiation Exposure

With extreme technology in pulse scan, develop the lowest radiation than for patient’s safety – reduced by half


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